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Adult mental health

Eating disorders in adults

We provide inpatient care and treatment people with severe eating disorders.

About us

The Mood and Eating Disorder Program is a collaboration with St. Vincent’s Melbourne, known as the Body Image & Eating Disorders Treatment & Recovery Service (BETRS).

Our 5-bed program is based in the Acute Psychiatry Unit.

We offer inpatient treatment to people with severe eating disorders who have not been able to recover using outpatient treatment.

Our services

We provide the following services:

  • A short-term program for people who are at medical risk because of the severity of their eating problems but who are unable to commit to a longer stay recovery program
  • A recovery program aimed at helping you to restore your health and learn new skills to enable you to continue to recover out of hospital with the support of family, friends and community treatment
  • Treatment using motivational interviewing, family based work and individual psychotherapy
  • Education about your illness


For clients

You can refer yourself or someone that you're concerned about to our mental health services.

Call our mental health triage service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for information, assessment and referral.

Phone: 1300 859 789 

For health professionals 

Referrals are made to this service via the BETRS program.