Medical Education

About us

Medical Education (ME) at Austin Health provides training, education and assessment programs for over 400 junior medical staff (JMS). The aim of ME is to enable JMS to gain the appropriate skills to provide high quality care and pursue their chosen vocational training.

The focus is on pre vocational JMS and those in basic training however education programs do extend to registrars and senior medical staff (SMS) if the programs will benefit JMS. Programs are integrated with those provided at associated hospitals, in particular Northern Health, Bendigo Base Hospital and Echuca Regional Health.

The pressure on young doctors to perform on the job is immense, therefore to complement excellent undergraduate training; Medical Education supports junior medical staff to provide ongoing education and to develop careers.

The primary focus of Medical Education (ME) is to manage and meet the educational requirements of our junior medical staff (JMS).

An interactive training program for JMS is in place and is designed to complement basic core training.