A nurse treats a patient in the Emergency DepartmentA nurse treats a patient in the Emergency DepartmentA nurse treats a patient in the Emergency Department


Nursing Research Collaborative

Austin Health's Nursing Research Collaborative (AHNRC) acknowledges, develops and supports the role of clinical nursing research.

Nurse-led research

Nurses are the largest healthcare workforce providing 24/7 care for the Austin Health community.

Nurse-led research has widespread benefits for the nursing profession, patients, interdisciplinary teams, organisations, and communities.

Benefits extend from access and equity, to assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation, to effective patient-centred models of care across the health care continuum. Research knowledge, capacity and activity underpin high quality, safe, and innovative care.

Austin Health is committed to developing clinical nursing research capability and acknowledges the important role of high-quality connections with partner organisations across education, healthcare and industry.

Our philosophy

Established in June 2022, Austin Health’s Nursing Research Collaborative is founded on a philosophy that nurses are stronger together. The Nursing Research Collaborative will partner with nurses, clinicians, researchers and organisations to:

  • identify the important questions to investigate
  • understand and leverage nurses’ strengths
  • create opportunities to develop knowledge and learn
  • build research teams and connections
  • engage with competitive funding and grant rounds
  • co-design and support rigorous research activity
  • translate knowledge into practice
  • share knowledge contributions.

Our research

Researchers with the collaborative will have an opportunity to showcase their research here. Our current collaborators are working on the following projects:

Nurse Stay

A multi-site qualitative study exploring the experiences and perceptions of nurses who resigned during COVID-19

Your research is next ... !

Contact us

To discuss your proposed research and its connection with Austin Health nursing,
contact our Nursing Research Fellow through the Office for Research. 

The Office can also help with questions related to research ethics.

Email: research@austin.org.au
Phone: 03 9496 4090