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Proudly announcing Austin Health Foundation research grants

7 June 2023 - Austin Health has received generous funds as gifts in wills, which play an important role in supporting the work we do every day. Through this generosity, The Austin Health Foundation is delighted to announce $1.75 million will be distributed as grants to seven research projects

This month

In sickness and in health: a remarkable tale of resilience and romance

5 June 2023 - This is the story of Larry and Teresa's remarkable journey which led them to be married at Austin Hospital only weeks ago. Their heart-warming tale shows the power of love and support when faced with the hardest of challenges.

Last month

Furphy Garden unveiled during ANZAC Day service at the Repat

24 April 2023 - Austin Health’s traditional Anzac Day ceremony was held again this year in the Remembrance Garden at the Repat on Friday 21 April. Over 200 guests were in attendance for this year’s celebration including veterans, staff, MPs and special guests.

John spends 55 days in ICU with COVID-19 and shares his story

28 April 2023 - John Colalancia won’t easily forget 2021. During the first half of the year, he discovered he had cancer. Later in the same year, he was hospitalised with COVID-19 and had to spend 55 days in ICU.

Seventy-five years of health - Meet Peter

07 April 2023 - Today marks 75 years since countries of the world came together and founded the World Health Organisation to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable – so everyone, everywhere can attain the highest level of health and well-being. While polio is rarely seen now, in fact the last known new case was in 1972, Peter was one of thousands of people in Australia to contract the disease before the vaccine was introduced in 1956 - two years after Peter was diagnosed.