Salary packaging

At Austin Health you can 'package' your salary into income and benefits to help you pay less income tax.

When you salary package, you can arrange for us to pay specific expenses as benefits out of your pre-tax salary. Whatever is left of your pay, or isn’t 'packaged' is then taxed as income.

Salary packaging helps you pay less income tax and get more take home pay.

What you can salary package

Living expenses benefit

You can package up to $9010 per fringe benefit year on a wide variety of living expenses. Some popular choices include:

  • mortgage payments
  • rent
  • credit card repayments
  • personal loan payments
  • childcare and school fees.

You can also choose to have your living expenses benefit paid to an employee benefit card and use it for purchases like supermarket shopping, fuel and many other general day to day living expenses.

Meals, entertainment and venue hire benefit

You can package meals, entertainment and venue hire expenses of up to $2650 per fringe benefit year. Eligible expenses include:

  • dine-in meal purchases
  • catering
  • holiday accommodation
  • venue hire
  • cruises
  • holiday packages.

Other options

You have also have the option to salary package for:

  • casual onsite parking
  • portable device claims (mobile, tablet, laptop)
  • novated car leasing, with the choice of two different novated leasing providers.

How to set up your salary packaging

Your salary packaging arrangements are set up and managed by our in-house salary packaging service, Austin Advantage. 

This service is available to all full-time, part-time and casual employees of Austin Health.

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