Pre-employment checks

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

National Boards in conjunction with the National Agency (AHPRA) keep public national registers of all registered health practitioners. If you are applying for a job at Austin Health in any of the following professions, you will be required to have a valid AHPRA registration.

•   Chiropractor
•   Medical Practitioner
•   Medical Radiation Practitioner
•   Nurse
•   Midwife
•   Occupational Therapist
•   Pharmacist
•   Physiotherapist
•   Psychologist

If you are unsure if you need an AHPRA registration, please contact the Hiring manager of the job advertised.

Police Checks

All Austin Health staff must undergo a Police record check upon commencement at Austin Health and employment is subject to a satisfactory check. Police Certificates will be regarded as strictly confidential.

Workforce Immunisation

The Austin Health workforce immunisation program has been developed to ensure the safety and protection of both patients and healthcare workers. The potential for health care workers to be exposed to and transmit vaccine preventable diseases such as hepatitis B, influenza, measles, rubella, and pertussis if not immune is high. Maintaining immunity in the healthcare worker population helps to prevent transmission of vaccine preventable diseases to and from health care workers and patients, and is thus a key health and safety prevention initiative to transmission of infection and disease at Austin Health.

Austin Health employment guidelines require Health Care Workers  to provide evidence of either pathology and/or immunisation results for certain diseases prior to commencing employment. Immunisation/pathology results should be obtained from your GP and/or your previous employer. If you are unable to provide evidence of immunity or a vaccination record, you will be required prior to sign on, to undergo routine pathology screening to assess your immunity to certain vaccine preventable diseases.

Working with Children Checks

All employees who work in areas specifically set up to care for children and/or who have regular, direct and unsupervised contact with children in those areas must have a Working with Children Check (WWC Check). Employees must already have a WWC Check before commencing employment with Austin Health, and must at their own expense ensure they continue to maintain a current WWC Check. If you are unsure of you are required to have a WWC Check, please contact the hiring manager of the job advertised.