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Clinics & services

Victorian Poisons Information Centre

Call 131 126 if someone has been poisoned or has overdosed, made a mistake with medicines or been bitten or stung (24 hours a day, seven days a week).

About us

The VPIC provides advice to the Victorian Public and to health care providers about what to do if a person has been poisoned, has overdosed, has made a mistake with medicines or has been bitten/stung by a snake, spider, bee, wasp or other creature.

We also provide statewide toxicology guidelines for health professionals.

If someone has collapsed, stopped breathing, or is having a seizure or anaphylactic reaction, call 000 for an ambulance. Do NOT ring the Victorian Poisons Information Centre (VPIC).

Call us if someone:

  • Has been poisoned
  • Has overdosed
  • Has made a mistake with medicines
  • Has been bitten or stung by something venomous (for example a snake, spider, bee or wasp)

Phone: 131 126

Callers who do not speak English can call us via the translating and interpreting service on 131 450.

Our services

We provide the following services:

  • For members of the public: 24/7 telephone assessment and advice on first aid for poisoning, with or without referral to a doctor or hospital
  • For health care providers: 24/7 specialist high-level advice on the management of acutely poisoned patients, and information about the effects and management of chronic exposures, or specific formulations or products
  • State-wide toxicology clinical management guidelines
  • Education and training to nurses, pharmacists, doctors and rural and remote practitioners involved in caring for poisoned patients
  • Advice to government, industry and regulatory agencies to assist in implementation of interventions to reduce harm within the community
  • Advice on how to prevent poisoning and the hazards associated with medicines, chemicals, plants, pesticides and other products
  • Free resources for Victorians (such as pamphlets, stickers and fridge magnets on preventing poisoning and how to contact VPIC) - order these using the form below

Product manufacturers: Before listing the Poisons Information Centre number on your product or MSDS, you must provide product details to the National Poisons Register. Call 02 9515 1267.

If an animal has been exposed to a poison, please do not call us. Contact your local veterinarian for advice.

Contact us

Victorian Poisons Information Centre

Phone: 131 126 (24 hours a day, seven days a week)

Fax: 03 9496 4912