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Plants that are best not to grow in places where children may have access to them

The following list is not a complete guide to poisonous plants. It is a list of plants that could cause serious illness in children who eat them. If a child is exposed to any plant, ring the Victorian Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 for advice.

 Botanical name
Common name 
 Abrus precatorius
 Crab’s eye, Gidee gidee, Jequirity bean, Rosary bean
 Aconitum species
 Monkshood, Wolf’s bane
 Asclepias curassavica  Red-headed cotton bush
 Asclepias fruiticosa
 Gomphocarpus fruiticosa, Swan plant
 Asclepias physocarpa
 Balloon cotton bush
 Acokanthera species
 Bushman’s poison
 Atropa belladonna  Belladonna, Deadly nightshade
 Brugmansia species
 Angel’s trumpet
 Casabella thevetia or Thevetia peruviana Lucky nut, Yellow oleander
 Cestrum diurnum
 Day-blooming cestrum, Day jessamine
 Cestrum nocturnum
 Lady of the night, Night jessamine
 Colchicum autumnale  Autumn crocus, Crocus, Meadow saffron
 Conium maculatum  Hemlock
 Consolida species   Larkspur
 Convallaria majalis  Lily-of-the-valley
 Corynocarpus laevigatus New Zealand laurel, Karaka nut
 Cycas species  Cycad, Zamia
 Daphne species  Daphne, Garland flower, Lilac daphne, Mezereon, Rose daphne, Spurge laurel, Winter daphne
 Datura species   Angel’s trumpet
 Datura metel  Downy thorn apple, Horn of plenty
 Datura stramonium  Common thorn apple, Jamestown weed, Jimson weed
 Delphinium species   Delphinium
 Dieffenbachia  Dumb cane
 Digitalis species  Foxglove
 Duranta erecta/Duranta repens  Golden dewdrop, Sky flower
 Euphorbia species  Euphorbia, Spurge
 Gloriosa superba  Climbing lily, Glory lily
 Gomphocarpus fruiticosa  Asclepias fruiticosa, Swan plant
 Gomphocarpus physocarpus  Asclepias physocarpa, Balloon cotton
 Helleborus species  Christmas rose, Corsican Hellebore, Easter rose, Hellebore, Lenten rose
 Hyoscyamus niger  Black henbane, Henbane
 Jatropha multifida  Coral plant, Physic nut
 Laburnum species  Golden chain tree, Golden rain, Laburnum, Scotch laburnum
 Lantana camara  Lantana, Shrub verbena
 Lepidozamia species  Cycad, Zamia
 Lobelia species  Cardinal flower, Lobelia
 Macrozamia species  Cycad, Zamia
 Melia azedarach  Bead tree, Cape lilac, Chinaberry, Persian lilac, Rosary tree, White ceda
 Nerium oleander  Oleander, Rose laurel
 Oenanthe crocata  Water dropwort, Hemlock
 Ornithogalum species  Common star of Bethlehem, Chincherinchee, Giant chincherinchee, Star of Bethlehem
 Rhodomyrtus macrocarpa  Cooktown loquat, Finger cherry, Wannakai
 Ricinis communis  Castor oil plant
 Solanum dulcamara  Bittersweet, Climbing nightshade
 Solanum nigrum  Black nightshade, Common nightshade
 Solanum pseudocapsicum  Christmas cherry, Jerusalem cherry, Winter cherry
 Stropanthus species  Corkscrew flower, Spider tresses, Stropanthus
 Thevetia peruviana or Casabella thevetia  Lucky nut, Yellow oleander
 Toxicodendron succedaneum  Rhus, Rhus tree, Wax tree, Poison sumac
 Veratrum species  False hellebores




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