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Clinics & services

Victorian Poisons Information Centre

First aid

If someone has collapsed, stopped breathing, or is having a seizure or anaphylactic reaction, call 000.

Act on up-to-date advice

Advice about how to respond to poisoning is constantly changing. Calling us is the best way to be sure that you're acting on the most up-to-date advice.

Call us on 131 126.

Swallowed poison

DO NOT try to make the patient vomit. See our Syrup of Ipecac information sheet.

Pick up the container and take it to the telephone.

Call us on 131 126.

Poison on the skin

Remove contaminated clothing, taking care to avoid contact with the chemical.

Flood the skin with cool running water for 15 minutes, then wash gently with soap and water. Rinse well.

Call us on 131 126.

Poisons in the eye

Hold the eyelids open, flood the eye with water from a cup, jug or slowly running tap.
Continue for 10-15 minutes.

Call us on 131 126.

Inhaled poison

Get the person to fresh air quickly without placing yourself at risk.

Open doors and windows wide, if safe to do so.

Call us on 131 126.