Library Bulletins: 2023

Austin Health Sciences Library Research Bulletins 2023



19 May

Small vulnerable newborns, long COVID care, suicide risk, Parkinsons disease, early career wellbeing and more.


5 May

Perineal tears, health care chatbots, diagnostic stewardship, placebos in psychiatry, perinatal depression and open access publishing.




6 April 

Clinical Communique, practitioner burnout, PTSD, transgender health, maternity care, pressure injuries & more… 


21 April

Healthcare waste, professional communication, liver disease, blood & brain, oral anticoagulants, and the health & climate crises.



10 March

International Women’s Day special bulletin: health inequities, health workforce, mothers & babies, patients’ own medications, COVID-19, and more... 


24 March

Food and depression, AI in diagnostics, COVID-19, Older patients and mental health, culturally appropriate care.




10 February 

Reversing ageing, nursing workforce, AI, antipsychotics, COVID-19 and more.


24 February

Brain disorders and models, blood management, prescribing and transplants. 



25 January

Special COVID-19 issue: Long COVID, pandemic policy, cardiovascular care, viral persistence, pregnancy & more 

13 January

Resident work hours, physician co-training, ACP in pregnancy, telehealth, pressure injuries, and more!