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Library Bulletins: 2023

Austin Health Sciences Library Research Bulletins 2023



15 December

Disability, breastfeeding, cancer, childrens’ mental health, pharmacy, psychiatry.

1 December

Antimicrobial stewardship, ADHD, cancer, wellbeing, older patients, and more.



17 November

Renal impairment, wellbeing, pressure injuries, neonates, diabetic feet, AIHW reports

3 November

Women’s brain health, cultural safety in cancer care, psoriasis, caesarean delivery and more




20 October 

Open Access Week,intimate partner violence, children in hospital, helath litreacy and more

6 October 

New Clinical Communique, First Nations health, stroke, breast and brain cancer, chemical exposure in pregnancy and more 



15 September

Dementia, Reproductive health, Trans and gender diverse patients, Supplement during pregnancy, Invasive aspergillosis, Health libraries, Surgeon sex differences.

1 September

Breastfeeding, ICU guidelines, medical workforce, concussion, diabetes and epilepsy



18 August

Blood pressure, LGBTQIA+ youth, Brain injury, Female soccer players, Cardiovascular disease, & AI policy

4 August

Debunking misinformation,health literacy, artificial intelligence, antibiotics, anaemia and bresatfeeding. 



21 July 

Clinical Communiqué, climate change, person-centred care, nurse-led model of care, diabetes, hypertension and gender affirming care. 

7 July

First Nations health, data sovereignty and governance, extremely preterm infants, childhood food allergies, health careers, Austin ResearchFest 2023 



23 June

Brain tumours, renal therapies, staphylococcus aureus, aspirin, COVID-19 vaccination, cancer in women, lymphoedema


2 June

Culturally appropriate care, First Nations pregnancy, transplants, dementia, concussion and head injury, updated guidelines.



19 May

Small vulnerable newborns, long COVID care, suicide risk, Parkinsons disease, early career wellbeing and more.


5 May

Perineal tears, health care chatbots, diagnostic stewardship, placebos in psychiatry, perinatal depression and open access publishing.




6 April 

Clinical Communique, practitioner burnout, PTSD, transgender health, maternity care, pressure injuries & more… 


21 April

Healthcare waste, professional communication, liver disease, blood & brain, oral anticoagulants, and the health & climate crises.



10 March

International Women’s Day special bulletin: health inequities, health workforce, mothers & babies, patients’ own medications, COVID-19, and more... 


24 March

Food and depression, AI in diagnostics, COVID-19, Older patients and mental health, culturally appropriate care.




10 February 

Reversing ageing, nursing workforce, AI, antipsychotics, COVID-19 and more.


24 February

Brain disorders and models, blood management, prescribing and transplants. 



25 January

Special COVID-19 issue: Long COVID, pandemic policy, cardiovascular care, viral persistence, pregnancy & more 

13 January

Resident work hours, physician co-training, ACP in pregnancy, telehealth, pressure injuries, and more!