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Library Bulletins: 2021


17 December 2021
Latest evidence on the omicron variant, new approaches to COVID-19, asthma in children, telehealth program efficacy and more 


26 November 2021
Managing COVID in Australian ICUs, caring for Long Covid, emergency nursing at end-of-life, cost of peer review & more


12 November 2021
Vaccines for children, benefits of cardiac rehab, youth mental health in crisis and more 


29 October 2021
Caring for children with COVID, new data on mental health, stroke prevention and more


15 October 2021
Latest on COVID-19: vaccine effectiveness, treatments, cancer, complications and more


1 October 2021
Latest clinical communique, medically unexplained symptoms, COVID-19 boosters, medicinal cannabis and more


10 September 2021
Call for action on global temperatures, new hypertension treatment targets, the first year of COVID-19 in australia and more


27 August 2021
Carbon footprint of the health sector, bushfires & health, medication errors, COVID-19 in children & more


13 August 2021
The mental shift – pandemic survival, compassion, sustainability and health


30 July 2021
COVID-19 special: vaccines, variants, side effects & interventions


16 July 2021
Access block in our EDs, diabetes care, Delta variant in children, Long COVID, Indigenous health and more


25 June 2021
Headache disorders, delirium, women in medicine, plus latest on COVID-19 treatments


11 June 2021
Equity in Indigenous health, nurse-to-patient ratios, Alzheimer's disease, medication safety, vaccine update and more


21 May 2021
Technologies transforming healthcare: AI algorithms, wearables, contact-free monitoring, 3D printing and more


7 May 2021
Latest COVID-19 issue: transmission, long-COVID; vaccine efficacy, variants & trust and more


23 April 2021
Research edition: engaging with patients, translating the evidence, managing data, value of metrics & more

9 April 2021
Understanding violence: intimate partner; workplace aggression; responding to family violence


19 March 2021
Delirium in the ICU, women & cardiovascular health, diabetes management, reproductive health and more


5 March 2021
COVID-19 vaccine efficacy & safety, trials & treatments, flow-on health effects of the pandemic and more


19 February 2021
Ethics of technology in health, precision medicine, informed consent, interprofessional clinical education and more


5 February 2021
Changing behaviours towards health care: confidence in vaccines, models of care for older people, managing complexity and more


15 January 2021
COVID-19 - a catalyst for innovation & change: vaccines & treatment, comorbid conditions, vulnerable populations and more


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