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Library Bulletins: 2020


11 December 2020
Climate change & health, overcoming Indigenous disadvantage, new digital mental health standards, sustainable health goals and more


27 November 2020
NSQHS Standards & hospital accreditation, plus links to expert PubMed searches, new Austin research and more


6 November 2020
COVID-19 - the long haul: persistent symptoms, breast cancer recurrence, pregnancy complications, PTSD, rehabilitation and more


16 October 2020
“Our safety is our patients’ safety”, quality improvement in ICU, Nurse Practitioners transforming healthcare, gut microbiome and more


25 September 2020
Vulnerable populations: dignity for older adults, literacy for LOTE, digital inequity, deferring gender-affirming treatments and more


11 September 2020
Focus on technology: AI & decision support, responsible innovation, assessing value in health technology and more


28 August 2020
Focus on telehealth: models of care, vulnerable populations, telerehabilitation, telediagnosis, supporting cancer care and more


14 August 2020
Communicating for safety, the thunderstorm-asthma link, & protection for midwives and doctors


31 July 2020

COVID-19: Mental Health - psychological, social & neuroscience effects

10 July 2020

COVID-19: The Second Wave: To mask or not to mask, neurological features of COVID, positioning for non-intubated patients, impact of stress on performance and more

3 July 2020

Latest Clinical Communique, preventing adverse drug reactions with software, end-of-life care in the NT and more


19 June 2020
Unintended consequences of delayed care, Australian mental health during COVID-19, racial prejudice in medicine and more


5 June 2020
Managing cancer during a pandemic, categorising adverse drug reactions, 3D printed swabs and more



22 May 2020
Surgery and nuclear medicine in the pandemic recovery phase, impact of social isolation on falls, emerging treatments for COVID-19 and more


8 May 2020
3D printing ethics, the future of midwifery in Australia, AI for detection, Austin Health COVID-19 research and more


24 April 2020
Third COVID-19 special edition: Telehealth & oncology, mental health impact, CVD and information from the Transplant Library


9 April 2020
Second COVID-19 special edition: Emerging guidance, pregnancy & coronavirus, ethics, managing older adults, re-using PPE and more


28 March 2020
COVID-19 special edition: CEBM rapid reviews, protecting frontline health care workers, accessing the Library from anywhere and more


13 March 2020
Kidney "crosstalk", recognising delirium, COVID-19 and social media panic, KeyLIME podcast and more


28 February 2020
Artificial intelligence helping radiologists, patient preferences in ICU, how VR can improve analgesia and more


14 February 2020
Cancer overdiagnosis in Australia, assessing risk in COPD, communicating in the NICU, latest on COVID-19 and more


31 January 2020
Deprescribing for frail patients, effects of ED staff supressing their emotions, predicting avoidable harm, bacteria-destroying technology and more


17 January 2020
The latest Clinical Communique from VIFM, updates on fire smoke & asthma, psychological impact of environmental catastrophes and more