Content alerts

Why set up a content alert?

Do you feel like you don't have enough time to stay on top of the latest research? Do you need a tool to help you stay informed?

Use an app provided by your Library to receive alerts. Follow your favourite journals in BrowZine or set up topic alerts in Read by QxMD.

Read by QxMD

Provides seamless access to the Austin Health Sciences Library journal collection

Your personalised current awareness service. Set up content alerts by specialty, journal or keyword to filter abstracts drawn from PubMed. Browse and read medical journals with access to full text provided by the Library. Share articles via email, Facebook and Twitter.

How do I get Read by QxMD?

  1. Download Read by QxMD by following this link or search for ‘QxMD’ in the app store. A web version is also available at
  2. Add Austin Health to your “Account Settings” under “Institutional Access”
  3. Sign in with your Library barcode and password

Already have Read by QxMD?

Add Austin Health to your “Account Settings” under “Institutional Access”


BrowZine provides instant access to Austin Library journals on your favourite device

Browse and read complete issues of journals held by the Library. Create an account and set up a personalised bookshelf of your favourite journals. Share articles with your colleagues via email, Twitter and other services. Export citations to EndNote, Mendelay or Zotero. 

How do I get BrowZine?

  1. Download the BrowZine app or try out BrowZine Web
  2. Select "Austin Health" from the list of libraries
  3. Sign in with your  Library barcode and password
  4. Create a BrowZine Account

For further information, view BrowZine's FAQ

Customised alerts

Do you want to receive updates when your saved searches have new results? Schedule a training session with a librarian and we can help you set up an alert.

If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact the Library