Library Bulletins: 2022

Austin Health Sciences Library Research Bulletins 2022



16 December 

CRISPR for cancer, ICU & mortality, Eczema & allergies, Rapid antigen tests, Childbirth experiences, Substance use disorders & Festive season



25 November 2022

Sarcopenia, induction of labour, COVID-19 antivirals, glioblastoma & more

11 November 2022

Clinical Communique, transgender awareness, weight stigma, genetic testing & more



14 October 

Long covid, climate change, palliative care, delirium care scales, cancer data, and more  

28 October

Climate change, First Nations multimorbidity, PPE, stillbirth clinical care standard, environmental thinking plus more 




30 September 2022

Liver cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease, climate change & pregnancy, pressure ulcers, burnout & patient care, smoking & veterans, OT & LGBTQIA+ 

16 September 2022

Pandemic preparedness, Indigenous nation building, strategies after resuscitation, elective surgery wait lists, deprescribing, TBI national data project & more.

2 September 2022

Health worker burnout, horticultural therapy, glycemic criteria for gestational diabetes, headache in ED, cybersecurity, CKD & more 



12 August 

World’s Indigenous Peoples Day, immune profiling & long Covid, fracture prevention, headache, HCW 4th dose & more



1 July 2022

Culturally responsive midwifery, vitamin C & sepsis, medication-related anaphylaxis, long COVID, fetal monitoring devices & more


15 July 2022

Delirium in ICU, cholecystectomy, ambulance offload delays, PICCs, misinformation on social media 


29 July 2022

Obesity medication, smoking cessation, mothers & babies,falls after cataract surgery, kindness & compassion, serotonin & depression and more.



3 June 2022

Aboriginal cultural responsiveness, waning immunity, vaccinating young people against parents’ wishes, PTSS in cancer patients, Carbon footprint of diagnostic imaging, & more

17 June 2022

Monkeypox, influenza vaccination, breastfeeding & COVID-19, medication management, COVID-19 vaccines in children, brain temperature variation & more



6 May 2022

Climate change special edition: open letter on climate action, climate-related hospitalisation, cardiovascular health, hospital action, mitigation & more


20 May 2022

International Nurses Day, hepatitis in children, cancer research, pregnancy & dietary fats

MS & medicinal cannabinoids, and more



13 April 2022

Clinical Communique, Omicron variant, post-acute COVID-19, brain charts for the human lifespan, heart failure management, & more



18 March 2022

COVID-19 brain changes, vaccine effectiveness vs Omicron, breast cancer treatments, health literacy, Japanese encephalitis, & more



18 February 2022

 Pandemic medical waste, stroke rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis in pregnancy, optimism & mortality, and more



23 January 2022

More on the Omicron variant, effects of Long Covid, after-action reviews, nocebo effects after vaccination & more