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Autism assessments

We offer autism assessments for children from 2 and 12 years of age, and support children with autism who are using our services.

About us

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment Program (ASDAP) team has a speech pathologist, psychologist and psychiatrist.

Your child can be referred to us if you or your doctor:

  • Are concerned about their development in the areas of social interaction, communication, behaviour and play
  • Suspect an autism spectrum disorder

We also provide specialised support and advice to other teams in our CYMHS service around the assessment and treatment of children and young people with autism spectrum disorders.

Our services

We provide the following service:

  • An assessment of your child to confirm or rule out a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder


For parents

You need a referral from a paediatrician or child psychiatrist to access this service.

For health professionals

Please obtain a referral form from:

Helen Mejak
ASDAP Team Coordinator

Phone: 03 9496 3620

Referrals that do not use the current form will be returned.

Contact us

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment Program

Phone: 03 9496 3620 


Child & Youth Mental Health Service
Edward Wilson Building
Austin Hospital
145 Studley Road
Heidelberg VIC

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment Program
Austin Hospital
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