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Getting your project approved

1. Check Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) meeting dates

Check AEC meeting dates.

2. Complete AEC project description

3: Complete the relevant monitoring sheets

Complete the Animal Monitoring Sheet and/or the Animal Surgical Monitoring Sheet.

4: Complete phenotype reports

Also complete the phenotype reports if your project involves the use of any new genetically modified strains that have not been used in the BRF before.
You may use the Austin Health phenotype report form or an approved form from another institution.

5. Complete the standard operating procedure (SOP) or use the existing SOP

If applicable, complete the SOP or use the existing SOP.

6: Pay the new project review fee

When you submit your new project, you will need to pay a new project review fee. The amount you need to pay depends on the type of new project being submitted.

7: Email submission to AEC

Email your submission to