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Changing the lives of people who are in pain

Patients in chronic pain will get their surgery earlier, thanks to you.
Theatre staff demostrating the new equipment you helped purchase

In response to The Surgery Centre Campaign featuring Glenise's story of her hip replacement, your generosity has helped us purchase much-needed equipment for use in the operating theatres at The Surgery Centre, located at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital.

With your help, we've purchased:

  • 2 x Pain Relief Pumps
  • 4 x Printers to print images taken during endoscopic procedures
  • 2 x Continuous Flow sets used during prostate procedures
  • 4 x Perianal Trays used for colon, rectal and bowel procedures.

This new equipment helps improve efficiency through the operating theatres which means we can operate on more patients, giving people in pain access to surgery sooner, reducing pain, stress and isolation.

Glenise Dudley has experienced first-hand long-term excruciating pain. Glenise needed a hip replacement. 
“The pain was like someone digging a knife into my hip and twisting it around,” says Glenise.  “I had to stop working, I couldn’t drive anymore and I had to rely on my son to drive me everywhere.  I lost my independence.”

Thank you

Your support means purchase of new surgical equipment will reduce waiting times for people like Glenise.

"Thank you for taking action to help people in pain, like I was," says Glenise.