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We care for you before, during and after surgery, so that you are safe and do not experience pain.

About us

Anaesthesia and good pain management play a vital role in your treatment and rehabilitation.

Our anaesthetists provide exceptional patient care, equal to the best available anywhere in the world.

We have special expertise in anaesthesia for liver transplants, lung surgery, complex aortic surgery and other specialities.

Your safety is paramount.

We endeavour to make sure that you and your family know what to expect before and after your surgery.

Our services

We provide the following services:

  • Assessment before your operation to select the most appropriate anaesthetic technique for you
  • Anaesthetising you before and during your surgery
  • Continuous monitoring of your condition during surgery using the most modern equipment available
  • Managing your pain after surgery 
  • Inpatient pain service
  • Research

Our clinics

We run the following clinics:

As part of your preparation for surgery, you may be referred to our pre-anaesthetic clinic. We work closely with the surgeons and doctors to ensure that you are well prepared, and in the best of health, for your surgery. Together we will create an anaesthesia and pain management plan to ensure you recover from your surgery comfortably and safely.

Head of Unit

Associate Professor Laurence Weinberg


For patients

You will have access to our service when you come for surgery.

You can only access the Inpatient Pain Service when you are staying in hospital.

For health professionals

Find out how to refer your patient to the Chronic Pain Clinic.

Contact us


Phone: 03 9496 5704

Fax:  03 9459 6421

Open hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 4.30pm


Level 2, Austin Hospital Tower
Austin Hospital
145 Studley Road
Heidelberg Victoria

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Department of Anaesthesia
Austin Health
PO Box 5555
Heidelberg Victoria 3084