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We are one of the most productive academic anaesthesiology departments in Australia.

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Research is a fundamental pillar of the department and is pursued at world class level by clinicians, PhD candidates, anaesthesia trainees and medical students.

We are affiliated with the Centre for Integrated Critical Care at the University of Melbourne, under Prof. David Story.

Austin Health anaethesiologists have a longstanding track record of participation and leadership in multicentre international clinical trials including the MASTER, ENIGMA, RELIEF, TRICS and ROCKet trials.

There are four anaesthesia research coordinators involved in patient recruitment, data collection and trial administration.

We have active research programs across a wide area of study from clinical outcomes research in cardiac surgery, liver transplantation and major hepatobiliary surgery, to innovation in applied physiology and patient monitoring, transoesophageal echocardiography, pain, transfusion medicine, perioperative medicine, regional anaesthesia, and respiratory physiology and acid base balance.

Prof. Philip Peyton is the Head of Anaesthesia Research.

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Anaesthesia Research