Anaesthesia Fellowships

Austin Health offers a number of fellowship positions in anaesthesia.

Our fellowship positions include:

  • General anaesthesia 
  • Perioperative medicine
  • Cardiac and liver transplantation anaesthesia

Austin Health is the Victorian state referral centre for liver transplantation, spinal cord injury service and respiratory support services. Our anaesthesia department has a strong track record for research and a comprehensive perioperative medicine service.

General Anaesthesia Provisional Fellowship

6 or 12 month position, with preference given to 12-month applicants

Offers exposure to anaesthesia for all surgical specialties offered at Austin Health, (except for liver transplantation and cardiac surgery).This includes:

  • Thoracic, hepatobiliary, upper GIT, vascular, ENT, plastic surgery, urology and renal transplantation, orthopaedics including major upper and lower joint replacement, limited paediatric anaesthesia
  • Participating in the general fellow on-call roster
  • Opportunity to undertake a non-clinical portfolio, not limited to, quality assurance, education, sustainability and simulation portfolios

Perioperative Medicine Provisional Fellowship

6 or 12 month position with preference given to 12-month applicants

Offers exposure to general anaesthesia fellowship opportunities as above alongside perioperative medicine. This includes:

  • Working closely with highly trained perioperative anaesthesia nurses
  • Attending complex perioperative multidisciplinary meetings
  • Attending a range of perioperative services including inpatient perioperative medicine services, high-risk pre-anaesthesia clinics, combined anaesthesia-medicine-geriatric clinics and perioperative pain medicine clinics.
  • Support to complete the ANZCA course in perioperative medicine leading to a Fellow of the Chapter of Perioperative Medicine.
  • Participating in the general fellow on-call roster

Cardiac and Liver Transplantation Provisional Fellowship

12 month position

Offers exposure to:

  • Liver and intestinal transplantation anaesthesia
  • Cardiac bypass anaesthesia including complex thoracic aortic surgery, percutaneous mitral valve repair and emergency cardiac surgery as well as cardiology procedures such as TAVI. Pulmonary artery catheterisation and transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE) is used routinely in all cardiac bypass cases and fellows will receive training in TOE.
  • Participates in the cardiac-liver fellow on-call roster

How to apply

Active advertisements are accessible online from our recruitment platform.

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