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Health Information Services

Accessing patient information

We can provide patient information to external health professionals on request.

Request information from medical record

Are you the patient's nominated GP?

You must be the nominated GP as recorded in the Austin Health medical record.

Phone or fax your request to Health Information Services.

All other external health care providers

Your request must be in writing and on your organisation's letterhead or from the business email address. Fax your letter to Health Information Services.

Family Violence and Child Information Sharing Scheme requests 

Your request must be emailed to


We will endeavour to send you the information within two business days of receiving your request.

If you need information earlier, help us prioritise your request by noting whether the patient is:

  • a current inpatient
  • in the Emergency Department
  • in ICU or CCU

or the time that they will be attending.

Receive information automatically

To receive clinical information from Austin Health on your patients automatically, encourage your patients to nominate you as their GP and have this listed on their Austin Health medical record.

You should also complete steps one and two below.

1. To receive clinical Information via secure messaging

To receive clinical information directly into your practice software via secure messaging, you need to set up an account with HealthLink and Telstra Health - Argus.

2. Register your service with NHSD

Register your service with the National Health Services Directory (NHSD). You are able to choose your preferred method of receiving this information. If you want to receive this information via secure messaging, you will be able to add your HealthLink and Argus account details on this site.

To assist in electronic transfer of information, ensure that your details are always up to date with NHSD, such as fax number and address. 

To update your service details with NHSD, log into the NHSD website using your NHSD login and password and make your changes.

3. To receive patient notifications

Patient notifications include patient admission and discharge notifications and patient appointment notifications.

To receive automatic patient notifications via fax or email, or to change your existing preferences on how Austin Health sends these notifications to you, email with the clinic and doctor details, as well as the changes required.

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