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We seek to partner with innovative and accountable suppliers.

Procurement Activity Plan

Our Annual Procurement Activity Plan lists anticipated procurement activities for 2021-22. Projects and timelines may change.

We publish all open tenders on Tenders VictoriaRegister to receive notifications of tenders.

Procurement policy

Our procurement policy ensures:

  • goods and services are on time and to specification
  • competitive prices from stable suppliers
  • value for money based on whole of life cost
  • probity and transparency
  • that we manage and reduce risk
  • open and fair competition.

Social procurement

Social procurement uses our buying power to deliver positive social impacts.

Austin Health’s Social Procurement Strategy 2020 prioritises the following three objectives:

1. Opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal people

We seek to:

  • buy from Victorian Aboriginal businesses
  • encourage suppliers to employ Victorian Aboriginal people.

2. Opportunities for Victorians with disability

We seek to:

  • buy from Victorian social enterprises and Australian Disability Enterprises
  • encourage suppliers to employ Victorians with disability.

3. Environmentally sustainable outputs

We seek to:

  • have project-specific requirements to use sustainable resources and to manage waste and pollution
  • encourage the use of recycled content in construction.

Inform us of your social and sustainability capabilities in tender documents.

To find suppliers we use

Using these will put you in a good position to respond to our tenders.

We look forward to working with you to create a positive impact.

Supplier complaints

If you feel we've treated you unfairly, see our supplier complaints management process.

Purchase order terms

See our purchase order terms and conditions. These apply unless there is a separate contract or agreement.