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Hepatitis C treatment

Hepatitis C treatment

We treat people with Hepatitis C and provide medication free of charge. We cure 95% of people.

About us

The new Hepatitis C treatments are easy to take, have mimimal side effects and offer a greater than 95 per cent cure rate.

If you have Hepatitis C and are seeking treatment, you can contact us directly for an appointment. Phone or text our liver nurses on 0481 909 741.

If you are covered by Medicare, all Hepatitis C medication and treatment through Austin Health is free of charge.

Our services

We run Hepatitis C clinics at:

Existing patients of our community mental health services at the Hawdon Street Community Clinic, Heidelberg (the North East Community Mental Health Service) can also access the Blood Borne Virus Screening Clinic based there. You can book for this clinic through your case manager, or through our liver nurses.

Rapid Access Hepatitis C Treatment Service

Austin Health is leading the way in treating people in our community with Hepatitis C. We have now cured over 1000 people since the exciting new Hep C medications became available.

If a patient is covered by Medicare, all Hepatitis C medication and treatment through Austin Health is free of charge.

Our Rapid Access Hepatitis C Treatment Service aims to improve access to treatment, particularly for those who are socially disadvantaged or those from ethnic minorities.

We have a well-established outreach clinic running at Banyule Community Health Centre and we have just opened a new outreach clinic in Wallan to further enable community-based treatment. Together with the existing services available at Austin Hospital, we are working towards the government target to eliminate Hep C by 2030.

Rapid access means:

  • Same day response if you contact us in business hours
  • If treatment is required we will commence it within 30 days
  • We will keep face-to-face appointments to a minimum, but support services are available if required
  • We will monitor progress by phone
  • Patients can self-refer
  • We will post medications to the patient


For patients

For an appointment in any of these locations, contact our liver nurses:

Phone or text: 0481 909 741

Fax: (03) 9496 2732

Email: livernurses@austin.org.au

For health professionals

Any health professional can refer to the rapid access Hepatitis C treatment service - you do not need to be a GP.