A nurse treats a patient in the Emergency DepartmentA nurse treats a patient in the Emergency DepartmentA nurse treats a patient in the Emergency Department

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General medical problems

General medical problems

We care for and treat people with general medical problems, including people with complex issues that affect more than one organ.

About us

The General Medicine Department cares for acutely unwell patients with a wide variety of medical issues.

We will also be part of your care if you have complex medical issues that need to be managed during surgery.

Our doctors come from different medical backgrounds and provide you with holistic care. We work closely with the other teams providing your care, such as other medical specialists and allied health professionals (for example, physiotherapists or occupational therapists).

We are a large service. You are cared for by one of six units: General Medical 1-6. You receive the same world-class care no matter which team takes care of you.

Our services

We provide the following services:

  • Care for you in hospital, in one of our General Medicine wards
  • A consultation service for people with complex medical issues having surgery 
  • Hospital in the Home

Our clinics

We run weekly outpatient clinics from Tuesday to Friday each week.

Find out more about clinic times and bookings in Specialist Clinics.


For patients

You need a referral from your GP, specialist or health care provider to access this service.

For health professionals

Find out how to refer your patient.

For urgent referrals, call 03 9496 8656 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and ask for the General Medical Admitting Registrar.

Please have any relevant investigations, i.e. radiology or pathology, and health summary/medication list available and ready to send at the request of the admitting registrar.

Address referrals to:

  • Dr Nicholas Jones, Director of General Medicine & Head of Unit General Medical 6

Contact us

General Medicine

Erin Gallagher

Phone: 03 9496 5267

Fax: 03 9496 6367

Email: erin.gallagher@austin.org.au

Open hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm


Department of General Medicine
Level 7 Harold Stokes Building
Austin Hospital
145 Studley Rd
Heidelberg VIC 3084