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Continence Clinic

Continence Clinic

We provide care for patients who experience bladder and bowel problems. Self-management is promoted wherever possible. This service is available for all patients 18 years and over.

What we do

Working together with you, we assist in the treatment and management of a range of continence problems which might include:

  • Rushing to the toilet
  • Going to the toilet often
  • Leaking or soiling yourself
  • Going to the toilet a lot at night
  • Difficulties emptying your bladder
  • Leaking when you cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise
  • Constipation or difficulty emptying your bowels
  • Chronic diarrhoea
  • Pelvic or pelvic floor pain

We work closely with GPs and have strong links with urology and aged care services.

Our team of specialists in continence management includes continence physicians, clinical nurse consultants, specialist physiotherapists and a dietitian. People who attend often require the services of more than one team member.

The Continence Clinic is part of the suite of services provided by the Health Independence Program (HIP).

What to expect

We provide the following services:

  • Comprehensive continence assessment, diagnosis and management plan
  • Treatment strategies, such as bladder retraining, bowel management, pelvic floor rehabilitation and toileting programs
  • Advice on living with incontinence and the use of continence products
  • Support application for financial assistance to purchase continence products where eligible
  • Education, counselling and support for patients and carers in relation to continence
  • Liaising with other health service providers when needed

The initial appointment will include an assessment of presenting symptoms, medical history, medications, tests and scans as required and a physical examination.

Review appointments are re-booked based upon clinical need and assessment.

What to bring

When you come to hospital for your appointment, you need to bring:

  • Medicare card
  • List of medicines you are currently taking


For patients

You can refer yourself by contacting us directly to access our services.

Your GP, specialist or health practitioner can also organise a referral for this clinic.

Appointments are based in the Health and Rehabilitation Centre at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital.

For health professionals

Find out more about referring your patient to our Continence Clinic.

Wait time

The current wait time for this service (from receipt of referral) is between:

  • 4 to 6 weeks for medical assessment
  • 6 to 8 weeks for continence nursing assessment
  • 6 + months for continence physiotherapy assessment.

Contact us

Continence Clinic (Health Independence Program)

Phone: 03 9496 2531 

Open hours: Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.30pm (excluding public holidays)


Health and Rehabilitation Centre
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital
Banksia Street, Gate 5
Ivanhoe VIC

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