Groceries sitting on the floor in two paper bagsGroceries sitting on the floor in two paper bagsGroceries sitting on the floor in two paper bags

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Recovering from COVID-19

Advice and resources to help in your recovery from COVID-19.

Eat regularly

  • Eating and drinking can be difficult when you have COVID-19, but good nutrition will help you to get better.
  • Eating small meals more often that are high in energy and protein can help you to meet your nutrition needs and keep up your strength while you are getting better.

Drink well

  • Drink water regularly to stay well hydrated.
  • Try nourishing fluids. A nourishing fluid is a drink that provides extra energy and protein when you are sick or do not feel like eating.

Use a home delivery service for groceries

You can order groceries to be delivered to your house from a home delivery service.

Try home delivered meals

  • Home delivered meals can be useful if you do not enjoy cooking or find it difficult to shop, cook or leave the house
  • Many services are available. Look for one that meets your dietary, taste, price and delivery needs

Stay active

Fatigue and breathlessness are common symptoms of COVID-19, it is important that you stay active within reason. Being active helps to prevent complications from prolonged bed rest including weakness, loss of fitness, worsening of pneumonia or difficulty clearing of secretions, blood clots and pressure sores.