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Your information

Austin Health respects your privacy.


We comply with relevant laws to protect your confidentiality and privacy:

  • We only collect the information we need to provide you with good health care or to organise services for you when you go home
  • We may share information about you with external organisations. We will only do this if you have provided consent or where there is a law that permits or requires us to.
    • For example, we may share information with your GP, the Department of Health and Human Services, or a court of law if your record is required.
  • In some situations, by law, you have the right to refuse sharing of your information. This may affect our ability to organise services for your ongoing care.

Access to information about yourself

You can apply to access your information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). Your request must be made in writing.

Find out more about FOI and download the application form.


If you have any concerns about your privacy: