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'Videos on Wheels' helping patients stay connected during COVID-19

Patient Josh Ruff shares his story of virtual connection with Channel 9 news Melbourne

27 April 2020

With visitor restrictions in place at Austin Health due to COVID-19, it’s meant patients have had limited contact with their loved ones – until now.

Forty ‘video on wheels’ devices have been rolled out across the hospital in the wake of physical distancing measures which have been implemented during the pandemic.

It hasn’t just allowed 26-year-old patient Josh Ruff to stay in touch and connect with family members who can’t be by his bedside, it’s also boosted his spirits and rehabilitation.

“It helps every day go quicker and helps me recover,” he said.

Josh has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and ended up in ICU with a chest infection a few weeks ago.

A tracheostomy was put in and he’s now learning to speak with a ventilator at the hospital.

Austin Health Speech Pathologist, Daphne Machado, said communication was a healthcare right and a human right.

“We see that with Josh when his face absolutely lights up when he’s speaking to his family,” she said.

Josh shared his story with Channel 9 news Melbourne, which you can watch here.