Staff member in Cath Lab in scrubsStaff in scrubs in the Cath LabStaff in scrubs in the Cath Lab


The Sunrise team check in on Austin Health staff!

1 October 2021

Austin Health played host to the team from Sunrise this morning!

Reporter, Nathan Templeton, from Seven’s breakfast program spoke to staff from our COVID wards and ICU to find out how they're dealing with the current wave of cases.

Michelle Topple, our ICU NUM, said it's been good to see some patients discharged from ICU.

“We’ve been able to discharge patients who are going into the rehabilitation phase of their care over the last two days, which is always a positive thing,” she said.

“But we know with the case numbers where they are that we’re going to see more and more patients in the coming weeks.

"The team are doing a great job adapting to so many changes over a short period of time. They continue to show up day in, day out, supporting each other and I am really proud of them,” Michelle said.

A/Prof Jason Trubiano said the patients being treated for COVID are scared and frightened.

“This is not a benign disease, this is a devastating disease particularly in the unvaccinated,” A/Prof Trubiano said.

“It’s a really tough time for patients in our wards but also a really tough time for healthcare workers providing their care.

“We know that COVID loves to spread in small places, it’s like a little time bomb. Patients can have no symptoms for two days before they really get sick and so they can be spreading it.

“We’ve got wards of families – mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers – all sick in the one hospital. The worst thing we can do right now is meet with family and friends and spread it amongst them.

“So the best thing we can do is to go and get vaccinated. That will save your life and potentially your family’s as well,” he said.

The Sunrise team threw their support behind a new initiative to recognise the efforts of healthcare workers - Donate a Coffee! You can show your support as well by going to 

The full interview with A/Prof Trubiano is up on the @sunriseon7 Twitter account here -