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Clinics & services

Victorian Spinal Cord Service

Spinal community services

We provide ongoing care to clients of the Victorian Spinal Cord Service after they leave hospital, through community programs, clinics and specialist services.

Our services

We provide the following services:

Spinal Community Integration Service (SCIS)

  • Assistance for the first 12 months while people with a new spinal cord injury return to their home and community
  • Support for you, your carers, family and health professionals to access specialist knowledge and assist with integration in the community

Spinal Outreach Service (SOS)

  • Advice on managing skin related issues
  • Assessment and prescription of equipment
  • Suggesting and implementing a variety of way to maintain your function
  • Support with funding and changes in your care needs

VSCS outpatients clinical nurse consultant (CNC)

  • Information on the management of health issues related to spinal cord injury
  • Advice regarding the most appropriate person for you to contact to manage an issue or query
  • Provide your GP or other community health providers with general information related to spinal cord damage
  • Make appointments with VSCS doctors on your behalf

Spinal urology clinic nurse consultant (CNC)

  • Advice on urological management to clients and community health professionals
  • Conduct assessment and give guidance on bladder management options
  • Provide education to clients and community health providers
  • Assess and evaluate prescription orders for continence aids

Spinal physiotherapy

  • Assessment, management and advice on mobility
  • Alterative mobility techniques as things change over time
  • Work with you to improve pain, strength and flexibility
  • Exercise (including gym programs)
  • Work with you to prevent and resolve shoulder issues

Our clinics

We run the following clinics:

  • Metropolitan Surveillance Clinics
  • Regional Surveillance Clinics
  • VSCS Medical Speciality Issue Based Clinic
  • Posture, Pressure and Seating Clinic
  • Gait Clinic
  • Discharge Review Clinics
  • Upper Limb Program Clinic


For patients

You need a referral from within the Victorian Spinal Cord Service (VSCS) or Caulfield Rehabilitation Hospital to access the Spinal Community Integration Service.

You need a referral from your GP or specialist to see a VSCS doctor.

You can contact other services directly to make an appointment.

For health professionals

Address referrals to:

  • Professor Andrew Nunn
    Director, Victorian Spinal Cord Service

Contact us

Spinal Community Service

VSCS outpatient clinical nurse consultant

Phone: 03 9496 5169

Email: vscsoutpatients@austin.org.au

Posture, Pressure and Seating Clinic

Phone: 03 9496 5351

Email: seatingphysio@austin.org.au

Upper Limb Program Clinic

Phone: 03 9490 7285

Email: upper.limb.program@austin.org.au

Spinal Urology Clinical Nurse Consultant

Phone: 03 9496 5904

Email: spinalurologynurse@austin.org.au

Spinal Outreach Service

Phone: 03 9496 5351

Email: sos@austin.org.au

Spinal Physiotherapy

Phone: 03 9490 7276

Email: spinalcommunityservices@austin.org.au

Spinal Community Integration Service

Phone: 03 9490 7264

Email: spinalcommunityservices@austin.org.au (Caulfield Hospital clients only)

Open hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm

Sanna Malaeb, Manager of Spinal Community Services


Therapy Services Building
Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre
1 Yarra Boulevard
Kew, Victoria 

Level 3, Austin Tower
Austin Hospital
145 Studley Road
Heidelberg Victoria

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