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Power supply to the Austin Hospital

Austin Hospital Tower with trees in foreground

2 June 2022

Austin Health would like to reassure patients and the community that there are no issues with the power supply at the Austin Hospital.

Some media coverage has highlighted that we are undertaking a project to replace our Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system. This system provides an uninterrupted supply of power to the hospital to back up our standard power supply from Melbourne's electricity grid.
The UPS system remains fully operational and supplies power to the hospital in the event that there is a disruption to our standard power supply. 
Importantly, our UPS system is also backed up by onsite generators which offer a third power supply should this ever be needed. This three-tier system ensures that power is always available to critical areas of the hospital.

We understand media discussion around this type of project may be of concern to the community but pleased be assured that we have systems and processes in place to manage any risk and ensure patients are cared for safely.