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Elective Students

The University of Melbourne Austin Clinical School welcomes medical students from around the world in their final year of medical training.

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all elective placements and applications have been cancelled. Please check here for updates. Please do not send through any applications until further notice.

In normal circumstances, we offer 4-8 week electives that are co-ordinated by our administrative team at the clinical school.

Any offer is made on the understanding that the duration of the elective placement will not exceed eight weeks. We are unable to split elective placements between departments (Unless 2 x 4 weeks). If you are applying with a friend(s) please note it can be difficult to accommodate a large group (two or more) at one time. Please note that all elective placements start on a Monday morning and finish on a Friday. 

We can also not accept students applying from an online correspondence University.

If you are accepted for an elective you will not be an enrolled student of this University. 

You will not be covered by the University's insurance. You must therefore arrange your own personal accident insurance, health insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and public liability insurance.

Students are only permitted to attend an elective once via the Austin Clinical School – once you are confirmed or completed you are not permitted to reapply to attend again in the future.

We are unable to sign off on any skills or training as being taught. 

The only documentation that will be filled in and signed is a form that your supervisor will complete on the completion of your elective placement. The form will only be stamped by the Clinical School. All forms required to be signed by your supervisor must be approved by the Clinical School prior to commencing your elective.

International students should contact the nearest Australian Diplomatic Post to confirm details of visa requirements, appropriate health examinations and permissible length of stay etc. Any elective is subject to a visa being granted. 

Please find additional information at:

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Visas for Australians travelling overseas

Medibank Overseas Student Health Cover 

Please note that we are not able to offer you any remuneration or employment.   

All prospective elective students must first contact the Austin Clinical School for detailed information about our application process. Applications outside of this formal process cannot be undertaken.

Please note that there is an administration fee of $110 per week of elective. This must be paid prior to commencement of your elective. Your home university must endorse your elective application with a letter of support. Research electives are not permitted as part of this program.

Limited accomodation is available at our medical student quarters for $220 per week (including GST). Further details about accommodation options will be provided at the above email address.


Please see the below links for more information on the application process.