University of Melb Clinical School_Facilities



The major hospital redevelopment in 2005 provided great reward for students of the Austin clinical school. The student common room, clinical school offices, student computer laboratory, lecture theatre and tutorial rooms are all located on the 4th floor of the new Austin Tower building.

Common Room

The student common room is a large space shared by nursing, physiotherapy and medical students.  There are couches, chairs and tables, table tennis and pool tables and full kitchen facilities (with microwaves, dishwasher and fridge/freezer). 
Student lockers are provided for use in and near the common room.

Computer Laboratory

A computer laboratory for students is located in the west wing of the Education precinct. This lab has recently been refurbished and designed as an 'eLearning space'.

Austin Hospital Library

The Austin Hospital Library is a terrific resource for students and is well stocked with multiple copies of key texts. More computers are also available in the library in both general and silent areas. There is also a dedicated group work area separate from the rest of the library. The hospital librarians are very experienced in helping both students and staff members access useful resources.

Clinical Skills Centre

Our state of the art clinical skills centre provides models and mannequins for the practice of clinical procedures. It also houses a fully computerised Simman model which is used by both Austin Hospital staff and our students to practice critical scenarios and gain that “real-life” feeling to clinical training. 
Tutorials and training sessions are held in the centre, and dedicated times are also provided for revision of important skills prior to exams.