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We’re looking for exceptional nurses to join our Emergency Department team

8 January 2021

We’re currently looking for exceptional nurses to join our Emergency Department (ED) team.

Watch our short film and find out more about the endless opportunities to learn and develop, in an exciting fast-paced environment where you’re surrounded by a supportive and collaborative team.

“I’ve been in the Emergency Department for nearly 14 years and the moment I walked through the doors I realised this was my home, this is where I wanted to nurse and I couldn’t see myself doing any other type of nursing,” says Short Stay Unit Nurse Unit Manager, Jessica Joyce.

Jessica explains the important role ED nurses have in a patient’s journey. 

“We fix most people and send them home or we make them well enough so they can go to wards. I think that’s really exciting that you can see the outcomes of your care and quickly,” says Jess.

Jessica adds that there are many benefits for staff working in ED, including opportunities to learn and grow in a supportive team environment.

“We do have a great focus on self-care and work/life balance as well, which I think is very important. So, we have a great wellness team here, and great peer support,” she says.

Registered Nurse Valentin Mandudu’s idea of what working in ED changed once he started at Austin Health.

"My pre-knowledge of ED was ‘it’s chaos, you’re probably not going to survive,’ but going into ED I walk out satisfied that my patient had been taken care of, I made a difference to the life of those people," says Valentin.

ED Clinical Nurse Specialist, Brianna Benedetti says that one of the key things that draws her to ED is the variety of patients she sees daily. 

“You get neuro, you get cardiovascular, you get respiratory, but then you get your injuries, you get your paeds, you get a bit of everything. You learn so much,” Brianna says.

“It’s very exciting, it’s a very fast-paced environment and you don’t find it in a lot of places, “says Registered Nurse, Jesmine V Mohan Lal.

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