Staff member in Cath Lab in scrubsStaff in scrubs in the Cath LabStaff in scrubs in the Cath Lab


A look into 7 East our COVID-19 Ward

Earlier this year we shared ‘Photographs from the frontline’ a series of images taken by neurology nurse Ben Metherell that showed what it was like working on Ward 6 East during the pandemic. 

At the peak of the pandemic, Ben visited Ward 7 East our dedicated COVID-19 Ward and took more photos of his colleagues.  

“I wanted to document our hospital’s history, the resilience and adaptability of staff and the unique reality of our job on the frontline.

“I am friends with some of the staff who work on this ward, and I know how uncomfortable it can be to wear PPE like that all day as well as how emotionally draining it is working in this environment," says Ben.

He explains that even though our COVID-19 numbers are much lower, there is still no room for complacency when it comes to PPE and safety on the ward. 

“Austin Health have done a wonderful job in providing PPE, safety education and robust processes.

“Even though there’s a risk, it’s greatly minimised when you have the right tools and knowledge. 

“Staff on this ward will continue to work with suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients and will need to maintain this level of PPE and precaution now and into the future,” says Ben.  

Ben first spoke with Nurse Unit Manager, Rosemary Interlandi, who allowed him to access the ward given his nursing background, knowledge of PPE and infection control measures.  

“I felt safe in the PPE I was wearing and am confident in the processes in place to keep everyone safe,”says Ben.

Kellie reviewing clinical information on her computer.

Nurses in the ward drugroom.

7 East is a quarantine area. 

Team nursing is a big part of care. 

Nurse Lei changes her gloves between attending patients.

Handover between the morning and afternoon Nurse in Charge.

Allied health assistant, Phuong, dons her PPE before starting her shift.