A nurse treats a patient in the Emergency DepartmentA nurse treats a patient in the Emergency DepartmentA nurse treats a patient in the Emergency Department

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Ophthalmology team

Meet our ophthalmology team


  • Dr Joan Cosgrove  - Consultant Ophthalmologist, Head of Unit
  • Dr Li Ping Chow - Consultant Ophthalmologist (sub-specialty: medical retina)
  • A/Prof Debbie Colville - Medical students training
  • Dr Andrew Crawford Consultant Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Katarina Creese Consultant Ophthalmologist (sub-specialty: medical retina)
  • Dr Tricia Drew - Consultant Ophthalmologist (sub-specialty: medical retina)
  • Dr Dujon FuzzardConsultant Ophthalmologist (sub-specialty: medical retina)
  • Dr Joanne GohConsultant Ophthalmologist (sub-specialty: corneal diseases)
  • Dr Jwu Jin Khong - Consultant Ophthalmologist (sub-specialty: ocular plastics)
  • Dr Kavita Khurana - Consultant Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Raghnivir Kini - Consultant Ophthalmologist (sub-specialties: neuro-ophthalmology and paediatric ophthalmology)
  • Dr Peter Meagher - Consultant Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Jillian Witney - Consultant Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Heathcote Wright - Consultant Ophthalmologist (sub-specialty: glaucoma)


  • Mr Angelo Rando - Chief Orthoptist
  • Ms Danielle Thorburn - Orthoptist


  • Ms Eva Cheng - Clinical Nurse Consultant

What is an orthoptist?

Orthoptists play an integral role within the Ophthalmology Unit.

Duties include:

  • Vision and optical assessment
  • Intraocular pressure assessment
  • Perimetry (visual field) assessment
  • Biometry
  • Corneal pachymetry
  • Retinal photography
  • OCT assessments

Find out more about these tests and assessments.

In addition, orthoptists perform ocular motility and other neurological tests, including colour vision testing.

Orthoptists also perform a key role in vision and ocular motility assessment at Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre.