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New Dedicated Low Stimulus Vaccination Clinic

Austin Health is working to make vaccines more accessible to the vulnerable in our community.

Last week, Austin Health opened its Flanders Wing Vaccination Clinic, a new dedicated low stimulus clinic which aims to remove barriers to vaccination that patients may encounter at general vaccination clinics.

Nurse Unit Manager for Austin Health’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program, Sean Mace, said Austin Health is excited to be able to provide this service for the community.

“This new clinic is designed for patients with conditions such as autism or ADHD, severe anxiety or phobias that would prevent them from accessing general vaccination clinics.

“A key feature of this new clinic is the way the vaccination process will work. From administering the vaccine to observing the patient, everything will be completed in an individual space for the individual patient.

“The space has been designed to be low sensory, and there will be space for a support person to attend with the patient.

“Austin Health staff always work with individuals and their support people where adjustments are required to alleviate any anxiety or hesitation during vaccination appointments, and that will continue at the Flanders Wing Vaccination Clinic.”

“Austin Health is also providing longer appointment times to ensure patients don’t feel rushed, but feel supported through the entire process.”

The clinic will operate on Fridays and will service patients who have made a booking through the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services vaccination hotline, 1800 675 398.  People requesting bookings at the Flanders Vaccination Clinic will be referred to the central Disability Liaison Service who will work with Austin Health to coordinate their appointment.