Patient safety animationPatient safety animationPatient safety animation


Watch our new patient safety animation film!

Thursday 17 June

When a patient is admitted to hospital, there’s a lot of safety information that they need to take in.

Project Lead and Assistant Director of Nursing and Improving Care, Kate LoPresti, wanted to find a way to share key safety messages, in a way that’s easy to understand and remember.

“In consultation with consumers and staff, we’ve created a short and engaging animation film.

“It helps demonstrate to patients and their loved ones what they can do to make their stay at Austin Health safe and comfortable,” says Kate.

The film covers many safety messages including:

  • Confirming patient identification and details
  • Letting us know if patients need an interpreter, have allergies to food or medication or are experiencing any pain
  • Encouraging patients to correct us if we have any incorrect information
  • Preventing bed sores, preventing falls and maintaining good nutrition
  • Stopping the spread of infection
  • Preventing delirium
  • What is a Patient and Carer Escalation Call (PACE) and how to request this
  • Planning patient discharge and continuing care after hospital 
  • How to provide feedback.​​​

Director, Patient Safety and Clinical Excellence, Luke Bowen, explains that this video and a new patient healthcare, safety and rights brochure will be shown to patients who are admitted to hospital.

“We wanted to give patients the best tools to keep them informed and involved in their own care and safety.

“We know these resources will greatly benefit our patients, their loved ones, and our staff as well,”says Luke.

Watch our short patient safety animation film: