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Staff Spotlight: Meet Dr Zoe Williams

Photo of Dr Zoe Williams

Monday 08 May 2023 

Zoe is a proud Darug Boorooberongal woman, from the Western Sydney area and is also a descendant of the Butchulla tribe of Fraser Island. Zoe commenced as a medical intern at Austin Health in 2022.

“I’d heard great things about Austin, namely its supportive environment. This was very important to me as I was moving from rural placement to metro, and knew this would be a big transition in itself,” she explains.

“I wanted to work in a hospital with kind and supportive colleagues, an environment where I felt I could be a safe and caring intern. Austin also has a great reputation for education and research, areas I hope to pursue throughout my career.”

Zoe had studied and perused various opportunities, however always wanted to follow a career path that challenged and pushed her. She wanted a career where she could be more involved in Indigenous community and health. 

“I always thought medicine would be a wonderful and fulfilling career. After returning from working overseas, I knew I wanted to be more involved in people’s care. I pursued my medical career which allowed me to get involved in the Indigenous community, where I’ve met so many deadly people,” she says.

For anyone thinking about applying for a medical internship at Austin Health, Zoe shares some final thoughts. 

“Austin is a great hospital that offers a lot to those who work here. They really appreciate people from diverse backgrounds with varying interests who are enthusiastic, and create a safe and caring environment. Working in such a busy hospital has been a great experience as I have been exposed to so much."

“There are a number of committees and fantastic teaching/learning opportunities to get involved in, so you can always find something you are interested in to further your personal and professional development. All these great attributes, as well as the wonderful people you get to work alongside, is the reason I chose to continue my career at Austin following my internship,” Zoe concludes.

Austin Health has 65 medical intern positions available in 2024, including dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander intern positions. Find out more here.