Staff member in Cath Lab in scrubsStaff in scrubs in the Cath LabStaff in scrubs in the Cath Lab


Pharmacists on the frontline

Austin Health's COVID Vaccine Clinic Pharmacy Service has rolled up its sleeves to help deliver a growing number of vaccines to its vaccination clinics.

The team was established in February and has constantly had to adapt to the changing vaccination eligibility and requirements throughout the year.

Francine Tanner,  Pharmacy lead for the vaccine program, manages the Pharmacy team who are working seven days a week to support the vaccination clinics.

“It's a team effort between the Pharmacy and Clinic staff. In pharmacy, we help out with the preparation of the Pfizer vaccine and currently dilute around 280 vials a day. One vial is six vaccinations, so that’s up to 1,680 vaccines a day.”

Like we’ve seen in nursing and across health, there is a shortage of specialists to work in the clinic.

“In addition to pharmacists we now have pharmacy interns, technicians, students and academics who have been trained up to assist with various aspects of the service.”

The team regularly delivers vaccines to five sites each week - Northern, Eastern, St Vincent’s, Knox Private, and Your Community Health vaccination clinics.

“We have also provided vaccine to multiple health services across Victoria to make sure the vaccine is where it’s needed most and are now distributing to various sites across Melbourne to support pop-up clinics.”