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New Alzheimer’s trial aims to prevent the disease before symptoms take hold

Recruitment is underway for a new Alzheimer’s trial which aims to remove the protein that causes the disease, long before participants display any symptoms.  

“The amyloid protein causes Alzheimer’s and it builds up for 15 years before you develop symptoms,” Austin Health Aged Care and Memory Clinic Director, Associate Professor Michael Woodward, says.

“The hope is that by removing the protein, participants won’t get Alzheimer’s.”

The AHEAD study is looking for about five to 20 participants, generally with a family history of Alzheimer’s, and who are over 55 and have normal memory.

The trial involves the administration of an anti-amyloid drug or a placebo once a month.

“The drug they’re using definitely removes amyloid and the study will run for at least a couple of years,” A/Prof Woodward says.

“Dementia Australia and the Austin Research unit are very supportive of Alzheimer’s research.”

A/Prof Woodward says his team is very proactive about primary prevention, and as it was World Alzheimer’s Day recently, it’s an important reminder to stay well and healthy.

“This includes physical exercise, having a good diet and keeping mentally active,” he says.

For further information about the trial and recruitment, you can email the Medical and Cognitive Research Unit.