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Welcome to Pride Month!

June 1 officially marks the start of Pride Month. Pride Month celebrates the diversity of the LGBTIQA+ community. It’s a time to reflect on how far civil rights have progressed, as well as an opportunity to continue to raise awareness and continue educating the community.

Austin Health’s workforce Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2020-23 commits to recognising that our people are our greatest strength. We want them to thrive, be their best selves, and feel engaged, safe and empowered. To achieve this, diversity and inclusion is essential to our culture and our values.

The plan also outlines feedback shared by staff during the consultation process when the plan was developed, that diversity and inclusion at Austin Health will:

  • create an environment where everyone feels safe and included
  • ensure that we are an attractive and progressive employer of choice so we can attract the best talent in the market
  • create a happier workforce delivering person centred care as well as patient centred care
  • have a greater impact on the community, our patients and their families.

We have lots planned as part of Pride Month at Austin Health, including turning our social media purple.

Stay tuned as we share more across the month of June.

You can also celebrate Pride Month by:

  • Reading LGBTIQA+ literature
  • Learn about issues LGBTIQ people still face
  • Create rainbow flag art
  • Learn about LGBTIQA+ leaders in history

Find out more about what Pride Month means

Attend events