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The Austin Hospital's podium is closing

25 May 2023

The front entrance of Austin Hospital and Mercy Hospital will be closing on Friday 2 June to allow a range of renovations to commence.

Our community can look forward to a number of exciting changes across the space as part of these renovations, including the addition of a playground and landscaped seating options with greenery.  

All existing ways to enter Austin Hospital remain as is.

Patients or visitors can enter the hospital via:

  • Austin Tower car park lifts
  • ONJ Centre
  • Emergency Department (for emergency care only)

If a patient or visitor needs to be dropped off at Austin Hospital, you can continue to do this via the B3 carpark of Austin Tower. This carpark can be accessed via Studley Road.

The carpark entry to exit time is 30 minutes on B3 to allow for drop-offs and pick-ups to occur without our community needing to pay.

The external stairs to Austin Hospital leading to the podium will also be closed as well as
driving access to the roundabout on the podium.

We understand this closure may result in our community accessing the hospital in a different way than they had previously.

We anticipate that the car park lifts will be the primary way our community will enter the hospital, it’s recommended you allow additional time before appointments or visits as there may be a short wait to access these lifts.

This project has been commissioned to increase the level of safety at the front entrance of both hospitals. This will be achieved by moving vehicles further from the facade and creating clear separation from pedestrian pathways. We are also aiming to increase the usability of this space by providing seating options and a playground.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.

Read more in our Frequently Asked Questions.