Staff member in Cath Lab in scrubsStaff in scrubs in the Cath LabStaff in scrubs in the Cath Lab


Donate a Coffee campaign fills more than 9,000 cups

Enough funds were raised by generous donors to purchase more than 9,000 coffees for staff during Austin Health Foundation’s ‘Donate a Coffee’ campaign.

The campaign was developed at the start of October as a way for the community to show their support to healthcare workers.

The public could donate $5 or more and give a healthcare worker a free coffee.

Austin Health Foundation Director, Debbie Shiell said it was great to see such a strong and immediate response to the campaign.

“We hear all the time from the community how grateful they are to everyone at Austin – this campaign gave them a practical way to show that - and we are thrilled the messages of support and free coffee was appreciated by staff,” she said. 

Some testimonials from staff include: 

 "Thanks to all of the wonderfully generous individuals who’ve donated coffee to the frontline ICU team.  The staff are so grateful for the support & kindness that has been shared during this challenging time... A caffeine boost definitely makes a difference during a long shift in full PPE." 

 "We are so grateful to the community for their acknowledgment that the workforce is doing it tough during COVID. Reading their messages of support brought a tear to my eye. We thank them for their wonderful contribution – it meant so much and boosted our morale."