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National Volunteer Week spotlight: Steven Andrews

Austin Health volunteer Steven Andrews

Monday 15 May 2023

"My own health trauma has enabled me to have empathy with others in a similar situation, and to build rapport with patients. I have formal training in speaking to people who are undergoing difficult and frightening experiences in their lives," Steven said.

Steven Andrews is more than a volunteer at The Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre who assists in the Art Group once a week.

Steven’s journey is a powerful reminder of the value and motivation one is empowered with when receiving quality healthcare.

Steven's inspiration to volunteer came from his own experience as a patient just over three years ago.

"After being a patient at The Royal Talbot, I was so impressed with the place and the service it provides that I was inspired to find a way to become a part of it if I could," Steven said.

Dealing with his own health trauma has enabled him to have empathy with others in a similar situation and has fuelled his dedication to building rapport with patients.

“When I was discharged, I wanted to visit other patients I had met and had left behind there, but was unable to because of COVID. It got me thinking about volunteering.”

Steven’s work as an assistant to help prepare art supplies at the start and end of group art sessions not only provides a great lending hand to The Royal Talbot, but also provides Steven with a sense of community and comradery.

"[Volunteering] has given me a sense of belonging to an important institution that provides essential services to the community. I even have an ID pass with a photo, on a lanyard to remind me that I belong."

“It has provided many moments of inspiration, witnessing people’s determination and progress. It helps to put your own problems into perspective.”

During this National Volunteer Week, more than ever, we are grateful for Steven's dedication and contribution to the Art Group, our patients and their families. Steven’s selflessness is an inspiration to all of us, and his work is truly making a positive difference in the lives of others.