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National Volunteer Week spotlight: Faye Reynolds

Friday 19 May 2023

National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate and thank the dedicated individuals who give their time and energy to help others. We at Austin Health are fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers who support our patients and staff every day, including Faye Reynolds.

Volunteering as a Guide, Faye is often the first person patients, families and staff meet when they walk through the door. Providing an invaluable sense of calm and composure for people who are often feeling anxious, Faye's warm and friendly demeanour makes her a natural at interacting with people.

“I would like to think the impact I have through volunteering is making a patient’s experience at the hospital less confronting,” says Faye. “We are usually the first person that patient has communication with when they walk in, therefore a friendly, ‘nothing is a problem’ attitude helps to alleviate the nerves.”

Now retired, Faye was inspired by her son (who also volunteers at The Royal Childrens Hospital) to stay active and contribute to the community – though Austin Health wasn’t her original plan.

"I find volunteering gives you a good feeling of self-worth,” says Faye. “When I worked in a full-time paid job, it was quite political, and you have a certain role to fulfill. At the Austin working as a volunteer, you don’t have that hierarchy – the patients and staff are equal, and they both appreciate you being here."

“I had always intended to volunteer when I retired. My first thought was to volunteer with animals, but realised this would not lead to a good outcome as they’d all end up coming home with me!”

While Faye is fairly new to her volunteering role, having started in August of 2022, she’s off to a flying start and goes above and beyond to ensure that patients and their families feel content and comfortable – all while getting her steps in.

“Having a positive attitude makes a big difference. It can really improve someone’s day.

“It is very much what I would have thought it would be! I love it! It’s very social and it helps keep me fit. As a side note I’ve hit 10,000 steps in my shift today!

At Austin Health, we are grateful for Faye's dedication and her positive impact on our patients and their families. She serves as an inspiration to all of us during National Volunteer Week and beyond.