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Dr Kate Martin receives Gordon Trinca Medal

Dr Kate Martin
Dr Kate Martin

Tuesday 22 March

Congratulations to Dr Kate Martin, General and Trauma Surgeon, who has recently been awarded the 2022 Gordon Trinca Medal by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in recognition of her contribution to trauma care and education.

The Gordon Trinca Medal recognises and promotes contributions to trauma care in Australia with particular emphasis on trauma education and teaching.

Dr Martin is the Deputy Director and Trauma Lead for Austin Health’s newly formed General and Trauma Emergency Surgery (GATES) Unit, which is collaborating with other departments to better coordinate the care of trauma patients at Austin Health.

As part of her role, Dr Martin chairs Austin Health’s Advisory Committee on Trauma which is working with stakeholders to improve the hospital's trauma protocols.

"This award underscores Dr Kate Martin's reputation for excellence in trauma care and education. It's been a pleasure working with Kate over the past eight months and her recruitment has been of enormous benefit to the GATES Unit specifically and Austin Health generally," said Sean Stevens, Director General and Trauma Emergency Surgery (GATES) Unit.

Dr Martin is also appointed as a Trauma and General Surgeon at Royal Melbourne Hospital and has helped foster the relationship between Austin Health and their busy major trauma service.

Congratulations Dr Martin.