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Get moving today!

Associate Professor Michael Murray
Associate Professor Michael Murray

1 March 2022

"The dominant theme of older patients - one of the things they fear the most is the loss of their independence," said Associate Professor Michael Murray, Medical Director of Continuing Care and Head of Geriatric Medicine at Austin Health.

"Cardiovascular function is the largest single predictor of disability in the forthcoming year. The best way to prevent functional decline, and maintain or gain back independence, is regular exercise. Even something as simple as walking for as little as 30 minutes a day can make a difference."

A/Prof Murray would like to encourage our community to join him in cementing healthy habits and sign up to this year’s 1000 Minute Challenge that starts today!

The 1000 Minute Challenge is free to join and challenges participants to move for 1000 minutes over the month of March which is roughly 30 minutes a day and raise funds for Austin Health.

"There is a lot of good evidence to suggest that regular exercise for as little as 30 minutes a day is not only beneficial to your physical health, but also your mental health, and you may have heard in the news recently also helps ward off Alzheimer's disease," A/Prof Murray said.

"Exercise such as walking costs nothing all and can be added opportunistically into your day. Park a little further away at the supermarket, park 3 or more blocks away when picking your kids or grandkids up from school. You will probably save time and stress trying to get in the car park at the school gate.

"One of the other things we have noticed with COVID, as well as the loss of connections with their family and friends, is the loss of the incidental exercise as people work from home. Getting out and walking together is a great way to reconnect and keep your family healthy by improving their physical and mental health.

"For us healthcare workers working in public health is a wonderful place to work, but it can also be very demanding. Looking after ourselves is essential, that's why Austin Health is proud of the success and recognises the importance of this event to lead better health for each other and the community we serve," he said.

The funds raised from the 1000 Minute Challenge will help purchase additional medical equipment so we can do more for our patients and their families.

Get started and sign up today.