What's it like working in our Emergency Department?

6 April 2021

Meagan Smith has worked as a nurse in Austin Health’s Emergency Department for five years. 

She says no two days are the same.

“You never really know what you’re walking into, which is where half the excitement and energy really comes from,” says Meagan.

On a regular basis, Meagan provides care to deteriorating and critically unwell patients. 

“This situation really gets your adrenaline pumping. You have so many of your colleagues running in to help, but there’s also a real sense of calm.

“You look around and it’s all hands-on deck, there’s always a team leader calling out instructions and everyone knows their role.

“There’s an inherent trust that you have in all the people you work with. It’s a constant sense of having each other’s back. We’re a very supportive team."

Meagan says there’s no better feeling knowing that you’ve contributed to a patient having a good outcome.

“We are able to help most people and send them home or make them well enough to go to the wards.

“You get to see the outcomes of your care, which is a special feeling, and an incredibly uplifting part of the job."

Meagan explains that Austin Health’s Emergency Department is unique because of the statewide services based here such as the Victorian Liver Transplant Unit, Victorian Spinal Cord Service, Victorian Poisons Information Centre and more. 

“You get to care for patients from our statewide services, which is an incredible experience. Austin Health is also a centre of hospital-based research, and there are many opportunities for nurses to explore research too.”

Meagan says that Austin Health's Emergency Department is a great place to work.

“The teamwork and comradery make our Emergency Department a really positive and supportive environment." 

She also says that when it does get overwhelming, there’s lots of support available.

“We have a wellbeing and peer support team based in our Emergency Department, they provide great support because they know what you're going through. 

“We’ve all made some fantastic friendships that are such a great support when things do become difficult, or you have those days that just hit a little close to home and you need a debrief.”

Meagan feels lucky that Austin Health’s Emergency Department has a broad range of senior staff who have ‘seen it all’.

“They’ve worked through really challenging times including the COVID-19 pandemic, but also thunderstorm asthma, every flu season and a multitude of acute cardiac and respiratory issues.

“You feel at ease knowing you’re supported by an incredibly experienced leadership team.” 

We’re currently looking for exceptional Registered Nurses to join our Emergency Department.

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