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Support for carers

Support for carers

We value and support the carers of those who use our mental health services.

Who is a carer?

Carers come from all different backgrounds and play an important role in the recovery of consumers experiencing mental ill health. Carers are the family member, partner or friend deemed by the consumer to be their main support person, whose lives are also affected by the consumers’ experience.  

About us

When someone that you care about is admitted to hospital due to mental illness, it can be a difficult and overwhelming time for people who care for them. It's important for you to get support for yourself too.

Our mental health treating teams are dedicated to understanding and supporting carers whilst the person they care for is in our care. We know there are clear benefits to the recovery and care of people with a mental illness when carers are:

  • informed about diagnosis and treatment options
  • involved in the treatment process
  • supported to manage difficulties when caring for a person with a mental health illness.

Our services

We support our carers by:

  • keeping you informed about treatment plans, where the consumer allows this
  • involving you in treatment plans, where the consumer consents to this
  • providing general information about mental illness and usual treatments
  • checking in to see how you are coping
  • connecting you with carer specific support services in the community
  • advocating on your behalf to access support, referring you to specific services if needed.

Financial help

We know how hard it can be financially for some carers when the person you support is receiving care.

Please reach out to the treating team to ask about accessing the Carer Support Fund to cover some of the costs associated with your caring role such as:

  • transport and other costs associated with visiting a consumer in hospital
  • carer education programs
  • respite
  • short-term counselling
  • bills
  • self-care activites.

Contact us

If you need support:

  • speak to your respective treating team
  • contact our 24/7 mental health triage: 1300 859 789

If you want to provide feedback or make a complaint please contact the Consumer Engagement Office by: