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Support for carers

Support for carers

We support the carers of those who use our mental health services.

About us

When a family member is admitted to hospital due to mental illness, it can be a difficult and overwhelming time for people who care for them. It's important for you to get support for yourself too.

Our Family and Carer Consultants are people who have experienced mental illness themselves, or experienced being a carer of someone with mental illness.

They have a good understanding of the mental health system. 

A wide range of support services are available to our consumers and carers ranging from patient advocacy and rights to respite and education.

We know there are clear benefits to the recovery and care of people with a mental illness when carers are:

  • Informed about their loved one's illness and treatment
  • Involved with the mental health professionals providing treatment and care
  • Supported to manage difficulties when caring for a person with a mental health illness.

Further information for carers can be found in the Mental Health Act 2014 handbook.

Our services

We provide the following services:

  • Support for the families and carers of those who use our mental health services
  • Advocacy for clients and their carers
  • Connecting you with carer support groups and other services for carers
  • Bringing a family and carer perspective to our mental health services

Contact us

Family and Carer Consultants

Phone: 03 9496 6315

Carer support services in Victoria

The following organisations offer support services for carers of persons with mental illness.

Merri Health

Merri Health supports carers with the flexible, individualised help they need.

Freecall: 1800 422 737

Carers Victoria

Carers Victoria is a Commonwealth-funded organisation providing services to carers of people with any illness or disability. Services include counselling, advice and advocacy.

Freecall: 1800 242 636

Phone: 03 9396 9500 

Mental Illness Fellowship

The Mental Illness Fellowship is a non-government organisation that works with people whose lives are affected by mental illness.

Phone: 03 8486 4200

Mind Australia

Mind is a non-government organisation supporting mental health recovery. Services include respite, support groups, carer education.

Carer Helpline: 1300 550 265